as a result

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as a result (of something)

because of something that has happened. As a result of the accident, Tom couldn't walk for six months. We couldn't afford to borrow money for a house as a result of the rise in interest rates.
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As a result, summary judgment on this issue is inappropriate.
As a result, H's reasonable compensation was set at a level lower than subordinate employees.
The company's actual results may differ materially from those suggested as a result of various risks and uncertainties.
Because A is protected against loss on the loan, A's at-risk amount is not increased as a result of the entire transaction.
This increase should offset the negative basis adjustment that occurs as a result of the subsidiary's compensation deduction.
As a result, Example 2 appears to be a taxable acquisition of T's assets by S, even though it is economically equivalent to Example 1.
As a result, we expect to deploy greater numbers of our people in support of our clients' proposal development as well as in support of their complex program implementation requirements, especially program start-ups and critical milestones.
As a result, the spouse will not be able to take advantage of Sec.
A review of the information provided indicates that A exhibited symptoms of emotional distress and sought medical and psychiatric treatment as a result of Y's alleged discrimination.
TS presumably agreed to the settlement conditions and the damages payment to avoid the possibility of having to pay a larger amount as a result of the continuing litigation.
There might have been more deaths and casualties as a result of the Loma Prieta earthquake had the World Series not been going on," Young said.
As a result, will A have to realize the extinguishment of the debt as cancellation of debt (COD) income?
As a result, the COBE requirement must be taken into account in determining the size of the redemption and the nature of the assets distributed.
As a result, practitioners have had to rely on a relatively limited (and occasionally conflicting) number of published and private rulings in this area.
As a result of the property's decline in value and the workout, PRS had two items to allocate between A and B.