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Pretentious or haughty. Use of this phrase usually indicates the speaker's annoyance. Primarily heard in UK. I'm sorry, honey, but I'd rather go to a ball game then be dragged to another arty-farty lecture.
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Go Arty is a well established gallery known throughout the Sunshine Coast that specialises in hand painted artwork.
For more information or to purchase the ARTY kit, visit
"I worry about Arty. Do you know what his dissertation said?" Parker asks me.
Both sang beautifully, as did the supporting cast, largely comprising Rodolfo's arty drinking buddies, and in particular Marcin Bronikowski as Marcello.
Arty Pants was set up by Faith Withers and Jo Hastie, and launched in April with the help of funding from Stepclever.
>> Whether you're a fan of romantic watercolour or modern graphic prints, keep your hair and make-up simple and understated to show off your arty masterpiece to the max.
Imet and spoke to many people includingfamilies from all over our region, alsooverseas, who had no connectionsthemselves particularly to music or dance(so-called "arty" things).
Arty finally learns what it's like to get noticed, and he realizes it's not all that great.
Danish kidpic "Miracle," sophomore effort from 31-year-old director Natasha Arty, promises more than it delivers.
Introduce a child to the worlds beyond Earth with the book, CD-ROM, and Web site suite of Arty the Part-Time Astronaut (ISBN 0-9675299-0-5; $19.95).
Philippa was among the mums to display her art at the Arty Mammy pop up exhibition held on Saturday at Pineapple Black in the Hillstreet Centre,Middlesbrough.
By the end, after encounters with (among other things) a mountain, a drum, a gorilla and a trampoline, Arty and Mr G really needed a lie down.
The Coventry branch was also able to secure PS5,000 funding for Arty Folks, after nominating it as part of Gallagher's Making a Difference initiative.
e British Cycling event is tomorrow in Scholes, Holmrth and the arty creation by Brockholes CE Junior and Infant School PUPILS will stand in Flowery Fields, at the beginning of the race for children and adults.
Newport Beach, CA, June 23, 2014 --( After two years of product development and nutritional research to leverage the nourishing benefits of fresh artichokes, the Arty Water Company today announced its launch on Amazon.