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It might help Tanner score points with the theater elite if he were just a little more artsy-fartsy and didn't make what he does seem so effortless.
Nursing the wounds of the split, the group has reformed and settled in Oakland, California, a place a little more welcoming to artsy-fartsy oddball bands than, say, Alabama.
It's the artsy-fartsy festival: right--brained, underground, non--linear and definitely not Hollywood.
He said: "People tend to see the artsy-fartsy side of it - they don't get to see you hands and elbow - deep in plaster, carrying a ton of paster up 18ft of scaffolding and emptying tanks.
Now we see one of the world's most successful companies bucking all that artsy-fartsy nonsense and saying, 'Our Web site is not as good as our customers deserve, and it doesn't do all the things we want it to be able to do for our customers, so we're going to shut it down, fix it, and then reopen.
He has to focus on what projects are next on his plate, and the Staake plate is a very diverse, artsy-fartsy goulash, indeed.
It's not even a place for what Poncho Sampedro, a member of Young's veteran band Crazy Horse, pointedly describes as the ``hip trendy artsy-fartsy New York film producer,'' although it happens to suit Jim Jarmusch just fine.
To most people, the stereo-typical agency type is either a slick Wall Street dude in a three-piece suit, who's always wheeling and dealing to steal competitor's accounts, or a slightly off-the-wall creative cat, who wears floral ties with bright plaid shirts and blue jeans as he creates spectacularly successful ad campaigns over a bottle of vintage wine in his artsy-fartsy [sic] loft studio.