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Overtly interested in art and style, perhaps overly or pretentiously so. His artsy wife is always breezing into the gallery wearing a beret and armed with a new round of criticism for us.


Overtly interested in art and style, perhaps overly or pretentiously so. His artsy-fartsy wife is always breezing into the gallery wearing a beret and armed with a new round of criticism for us.

artsy (fartsy)

mod. obviously or overly artistic; effete. (Mildly offensive.) The decorations were sort of artsy fartsy, but the overall effect was quite nice.
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mod. dabbling in arts and crafts; artistic. The artsy-craftsy crowd held a show in the library parking lot last Sunday.
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Next, plans are in progress for Artsy to partner with major art fairs to offer online previews of works displayed.
There is an artsy, slightly quirky collection of artisanal furniture makers, set makers and scenes shops, speaker makers, soap makers, and various food processors.
Situated on the Pacific Coast Highway in Orange County, midway between Los Angeles and San Diego, artsy Laguna is the kind of beach town that retains its serenity during the sunny, extended off-season, which consists of everything but summer, when the kids are out of school and the place animates into O.
Seen by some as a real breakthrough for a new, less artsy and ironic von Trier, the film was in fact a kind of audiencefriendly remix of his familiar pomp, archness, and soul searching.
Sam Walton took a look at his options and said 'the heck with the artsy stuff.
ARTSY LAUNDRY ROOMS: Now that laundry rooms are no longer exclusively in the basement or other out-of-sight areas, their appearance has become of greater importance.
Burning Man is a refreshing, artsy anomaly in America, a place where commerce and barter are not allowed, replaced instead with selfless giving on an enormous scale.
in DUMB (the artsy neighborhood named for its location "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass") is the first opportunity to own newly converted luxury loft apartments in the neighborhood in over four years.
Just make a quick stop at the museum gift shop for lots of artsy ideas.
The list of disturbing literary works turned into artsy, retarded films is ever lengthening--Querelle, Naked Lunch, The Sheltering Sky, Fight Club--and even the few successful translations are a matter of debate (maybe Satyricon, maybe Trainspotting, just maybe Crash).
Explore the glamorous city of Cannes -- Visit the artsy Saint Tropez and beach town of Cassis -- Enjoy a walking tour in Aix-en-Provence along the Route de Cezanne -- Stop in Arles, often called the soul of Provence -- Visit the Cotes du Rhone wine country -- See Europe's 3rd largest triumphal arch and best-preserved Roman theater -- Experience Avignon -- See Monaco -- Explore Nice with Le Chateau, the Vieille Ville, Place Massena and the Fontaine du Soleil.
The young cast certainly had no trouble rocking, rolling and ruling without their militarily regimented ``father'' (Quaid plays a strict Coast Guard admiral) and artsy hang-loose ``mother'' (Russo is a disorganized purse maker).
Opt for something cultural, like the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, to let loose in an artsy way.
Along with a gaggle of dazzled and suited Insignia brokers, there were fashionistas like Mary McFadden, assorted artsy twenty-thirty somethings wearing black and dark-framed glasses, and lots of tall leggy women, including Farkas's own six-footish blonde fiancee, Sandy Goff.
Chelsea(TM) doll's Bohemian scene is artsy and active while sporty Nolee(TM) is the group's artist and resident astrological expert.