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Two years later, in the same hospital, Kolff demonstrated that his artificial kidney machine could temporarily substitute for the human kidney.
Kolff's many accomplishments were the artificial kidney, heart-lung machine, artificial eye, artificial ear and artificial arm.
Don't expect the artificial corneas in the eye clinic soon.
Crafting of artificial jewellery has become an industry as thousands of people are earning their livelihood from this sector.
Because of its lower rates most of the ladies are intended to buy artificial jewellery even though goldsmith admitted that their business declined due to its rate and attractive designs.
Artificial intelligence was first included in the government work report, not only for the application of artificial intelligence innovation to provide policy support, more oil and chemical industry to enhance the transformation has brought opportunities.
1) Propagation of hybrid plants is very easy through artificial seeds.
Bob Smith, Geranium Street Floral manager says: “We know finding realistic-looking artificial boxwood can be a challenge away from Geranium Street Floral.
How are artificial eyes manufactured and from which materials?
Nestle UK set out to remove artificial colours, flavours and preservatives from Kit Kat and all its kids' products in 2005 and later extended the goal to its entire confectionery range.
A shopkeeper in Gulf Market told, "The core factor behind the rise of artificial jewellery is reduction in the purchasing-power of the customers who cannot afford to buy gold.
6:15, gulps down a glass of artificial orange juice and two slices of toast lathered with oleo (artificial butter), followed by a steaming cup of instant coffee flavored with artificial cream and artificial sugar.
Few Catholic leaders pointed out that artificial nutrition and hydration had generally been considered treatments that could be withdrawn in extreme cases such as Schiavo's.
The muscles twitched, and a device on the skin picked up the muscles' signal and sent an electrical pulse to the artificial arm, which then moved.
TAKE A TASTE Like smell, the sense of taste and artificial systems modeled after it rely on a patterned response of receptors to certain chemicals.