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make arrangements

To organize, plan, or prepare. Typically followed by "for (someone or something)" or "to (do something)." I will make arrangements for you two to meet this week. We're making arrangements to have the faulty equipment repaired next week. Please make arrangements for my sister. She'll be arriving in the morning.
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make the arrangements

1. To organize, plan, or prepare what is necessary (for or to do something). Our legal team has already made the arrangements, so everything should be ready for you when you arrive on Monday. It will take me a little bit of time to make the arrangements, but the new equipment should be ready sometime in the next week or two.
2. To organize everything that is necessary for a funeral. I'm so shaken from her death that I can't even think about making the arrangements right now. My brothers and sisters and I all made the arrangements together when our father finally passed away.
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make arrangements for someone

to plan accommodations for someone. John is coming for a visit next week. Please make arrangements for him at the hotel. I will make arrangements for everyone when I call the hotel.
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make arrangements to do something

to plan to do something; to facilitate the doing of something. Please make arrangements to have all this stuff hauled away. We will make arrangements to be there on time.
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make arrangements (with someone) (for something)

to make plans with someone for something. I will make arrangements with Fred for the loan. We can make arrangements for a car with the manager.
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make the arrangements

Euph. to arrange a funeral. A funeral services practitioner will be happy to help you make the arrangements. When my father died, I was the one who made the arrangements.
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make arrangements for

Plan or prepare for someone or something, as in Who is making all the arrangements for our sales meeting? This expression employs arrangements in the sense of "measures or preparations for a particular purpose," a usage dating from the late 1700s.
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However, these facts do not demonstrate the absence of a reimbursement arrangement. By use of the word "arrangement" in lieu of a narrower word such as "contract" or "agreement," Congress evidenced its intent not to restrict the way in which the required relationship may be proved.
Such arrangements are similar to cancellation of a debt, which does not trigger a withholding obligation because of the lack of custody or control over money or property." The organization concluded that this treatment is also consistent with the tax treatment of CLAs in foreign jurisdictions.
Likewise, the cardiology proposed arrangement standardization of devices and limitations on the use of vascular closure devices would constitute an inducement to reduce or limit the current medical practice at the hospital and trigger the CMP.
Mathematicians have long known that dimensions 8 and 24 contain exceptionally nice, symmetric arrangements of spheres--the [E.sub.8] lattice and the Leech lattice, proved that these are the densest-possible arrangements of spheres, no one has found a denser arrangement.
* Underwriters must take meticulous care to avoid unintended risks from the fronting arrangement.
Mutually Exclusive Regimes--An SDLI arrangement is taxed under the economic benefit or loan regime.
* Insure your laboratory provider is aware of the laws and regulations that govern arrangements between labs and their customers.
* Surveying "likely candidates" made it possible to assess how much the myths deter CPAs that might be considering a flexible work arrangement.
In each employment arrangement, workers with higher levels of education tended to have higher rates of pension coverage.
From the hospital's perspective, the leasing arrangement improves access to a vertical continuum of care and to transitional programs for its hospital in-patients.
They proposed a job-sharing arrangement, each working three days a week, after their return from "care-of-newborn-child" leave.
What are the advantages of a family-based child maintenance arrangement? A.
409A generally does not include a deferral arrangement for an individual when the contributions are excludible from Federal income tax pursuant to any bilateral income tax convention.
A plan includes any agreement, method or arrangement, even if it applies only to one individual.