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arrange for

1. To organize or plan something. A noun is sometimes used between "arrange" and "for," and a specific time is often given after "for." I will arrange for you two to meet this week. I need you to arrange a luncheon for the whole department. Carrie asked me to arrange a conference call for 10 AM.
2. To adapt a piece of music so that it can be played on different instruments or in a different style than is customary. A noun can be used between "arrange" and "for." I would really like that piece to be played at our wedding—can you arrange it for strings? That song was arranged for the piano by our musical director.
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arrange (something) with

1. To organize or plan something with another person. Did you arrange the luncheon with my mother? I know she really wanted to help plan it.
2. To organize or plan something to include a particular thing. My daughter loves horses, so we arranged her birthday party with pony rides.
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arrange for (someone to do something)

to make plans for someone to do something. I will arrange for Charles to fix what he broke. I arranged for the plumber to install a new water heater.
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arrange for something

to prepare or plan for something. We will arrange for a celebration. John arranged for it.
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arrange some music for something

to prepare or adapt music for particular instruments or for a particular musical key. Paul arranged the piece for piano. This piece was arranged for the guitar by Frank's brother.
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arrange something for some time

to plan something for a particular time. We will arrange a picnic for the afternoon. I will arrange an appointment for the noon hour.
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arrange something for someone or something

to prepare or plan something for someone or something. They arranged a reception for Frank. We arranged a dance for the holiday.
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arrange something with someone or something

to prepare or plan something that will include someone or something. We arranged entertainment with clowns and a musician. I will arrange a fancy dinner with wine and cloth napkins. Paul arranged a meeting with the opposition.
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Michael Muller arranged a $1,885,000 first lien mortgage for the acquisition of a 24-unit multifamily on Gov Printz Blvd in Lester, PA.
This transaction was arranged by Michael Muller and Moshe Lipschitz.
An American Sampler for Violin and Piano, arranged by Lee Burswold.
Hymns of Grace for 2 Violins and Optional Piano, arranged by Catherine McMichael.
Jeffrey Seidenfeld and Yoel Kahan arranged this financing.
This transaction, was arranged by Nate Hyman and David Metzger.
Eastern Union Funding arranged the following transactions:
This transaction was arranged by Nate Hyman, Jonathan Singer and David Metzger.
The transactions were arranged by Jeffrey Seidenfeld.