arrange for

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arrange for

1. To organize or plan something. A noun is sometimes used between "arrange" and "for," and a specific time is often given after "for." I will arrange for you two to meet this week. I need you to arrange a luncheon for the whole department. Carrie asked me to arrange a conference call for 10 AM.
2. To adapt a piece of music so that it can be played on different instruments or in a different style than is customary. A noun can be used between "arrange" and "for." I would really like that piece to be played at our wedding—can you arrange it for strings? That song was arranged for the piano by our musical director.
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arrange something for someone or something

to prepare or plan something for someone or something. They arranged a reception for Frank. We arranged a dance for the holiday.
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arrange for (someone to do something)

to make plans for someone to do something. I will arrange for Charles to fix what he broke. I arranged for the plumber to install a new water heater.
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arrange for something

to prepare or plan for something. We will arrange for a celebration. John arranged for it.
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Braco Village Resort in Rio Bueno, Jamaica, will arrange for a jungle wedding that ends with the newlyweds boarding a bamboo raft for a sail down the Martha Brae River.
Dishonest plans require relatively large enrollment fees and arrange for automatic monthly payments to be debited from checking accounts or credit cards but offer little, if any, benefit to consumers.
During the month of September, any Texas motorist who suffers a roadside breakdown can call 1-800-Radiator and speak to one of the company's sales representatives, who will contact a repair shop in the region and arrange for a tow truck.
During the three-day Labor Day holiday, motorists can call 1-800-Radiator to arrange for a radiator replacement for their car, truck, or recreational vehicle, and they will be able to get all parts at half price, just by calling 1-800-Radiator and asking for the Labor Day Special.
IMR will also introduce Hydrogiene to a major Licensing Organization with proven abilities to arrange for Hydrogiene's Formula 51, long-term effective anti-microbiological disinfectant license with major chemical or medical manufacturing companies, both nationally and internationally.
CE Software plans to offer an enhanced version of Arrange for Macintosh within 45 days.