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arouse (one) from

To wake someone. Can someone arouse Todd from his sleep? It's one in the afternoon!
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arouse someone from something

to activate a person out of a state of rest, sleep, or inaction. I could not arouse her from her sleep. She aroused herself from a deep sleep.
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We found that while people were good at rating how much noise was on the picture relative to a standard, they consistently rated pictures that were emotionally arousing as less noisy than neutral pictures regardless of the actual level of noise," says Todd.
For instance, the brain may activate adrenergic hormones primarily in response to brief, mildly arousing experiences such as reading disturbing words, thereby fortifying short-term memories of those experiences, he theorizes.
When a picture was rated as less noisy, then they actually saw the picture underneath more clearly, as if there is more signal relative to noise in the emotionally arousing picture.
Psychologist Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic said: "Studies on the effects of music have consistently found it has arousing effects.
UNDRESSING, itself, is potently arousing, but wearing and taking off particular garments can strike a resonant chord in an attentive lover, particularly a man.
In line with the new data, Hamann reported last year that amygdala activity increases comparably when men view either disturbing images of injured bodies or arousing images of nude females.
The significant interaction between the different orientations indicates that the extent to which the tapes aroused women of each orientation was different; certain tapes were experienced as more arousing than others according to the sexual orientations of the viewer.
In a study conducted amongst two groups, one watched a positive but calm movie clip while another set of participants watched a positive but arousing movie clip.
Dear reader, THIS sexual position allows him to penetrate you deeply and can be very arousing as it stimulates the sensitive G-spot.
The findings have been backed in a study by Tesco, which revealed 73 per cent of men liked the smell of pumpkin, with more than half describing it as arousing or sexy.
The orexin cells are probably involved in the arousing aspect of feeding," says Saper.
Some pictures have a sexual charge that far exceeds that of current mass-produced pornography, but most are more intellectually curious than arousing.