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arouse (one) from

To wake someone. Can someone arouse Todd from his sleep? It's one in the afternoon!
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arouse someone from something

to activate a person out of a state of rest, sleep, or inaction. I could not arouse her from her sleep. She aroused herself from a deep sleep.
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This biography arouses no envy, although one must acknowledge Shakur's resilience.
It said: "It was decided that for the safety of the students it would be beneficial to remove the obligation to wear this attire that so arouses these sick individuals.
This arouses the ire of the abstemious priest, Renaud, who also suspects she may be a witch.
Concerning all controversial feelings that surrogate motherhood arouses, one often wonders: is surrogate motherhood moral?
At the center of the painting, through the mediation of Eros and Venus (Ficino's Venus Humanitas, who arouses passion but also converts it into contemplation), the transformation moves on to the Three Graces.
Although micro-editing is easier (after all, these are the things you notice first) than macro-editing (tackling the structure, meaning or tone of the entire document), micro-editing antagonizes the writer and arouses anger and defensiveness.