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arouse (one) from

To wake someone. Can someone arouse Todd from his sleep? It's one in the afternoon!
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arouse someone from something

to activate a person out of a state of rest, sleep, or inaction. I could not arouse her from her sleep. She aroused herself from a deep sleep.
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If there can be said to be such a thing as a "guiding principle" in the poetic practice of Muzaffar al-Nawwab, it could be described as a comprehensive dedication to a "poetics of arousal," to awaken and arouse the senses and a wide range of emotions in his audience.
Even so, he doubtless will continue to arouse the ire of the political correctness mandarins, in large measure because of his use of cutting-edge research that flouts the conventional wisdom.
Only one word flashes in my head when I mull over that Maury episode: sensationalism--as Webster's puts it, "the use of material or methods intended to shock, excite, or arouse curiosity." In their quest for high ratings and profits, the show's producers didn't care that these women were strung around like puppets in a tasteless show that perpetuated transphobia and racism.
The flirtatious and hungry urge that Ross and Fina arouse in each other is unfortunately not fully explored, though much of their yearnings are left to the readers' imagination.
Granted, Nader's unconventional manner, and frugalities such as buying 12 pairs of shoes and four dozen socks at the PX before leaving the Army, understandably arouse curiosity.
If he doesn't want to do it, then you shouldn't try to arouse him.
At least a third of the nation's species should arouse conservation concern, according to a preliminary estimate by The Nature Conservancy and the Association for Biodiversity Information in Arlington, Va.
Abraham's team plans to examine whether artificially stimulating CD48 can arouse mast cells.
Meanwhile, you need to focus on relaxing and guiding your lover in the techniques that arouse you.
Glossy, smooth, and enlarged to more effectively arouse desire, the objects shown in magazines are deployed here to emphasize the unreal, almost metallic quality that photography and printing have conferred on them.
The ex-gay movement arouses among many gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people, like me, as much compassion as its blatant lies arouse anger.
WOMEN government staff have been banned from wearing miniskirts and lots of make-up because they can arouse men's "animal instincts".