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arouse (one) from

To wake someone. Can someone arouse Todd from his sleep? It's one in the afternoon!
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arouse someone from something

to activate a person out of a state of rest, sleep, or inaction. I could not arouse her from her sleep. She aroused herself from a deep sleep.
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"These two biomarkers fluctuate in a similar way because they are proxies of the activity of autonomic arousal," says Artoni.
The study found that different social contexts caused different levels of physiological arousal, meaning that the branches of the autonomic nervous system became either more or less reactive in response to the experimental task.
Unlike past models of response, the DCM distinguishes between mental and physiological sexual arousal (Janssen & Bancroft, 2007).
In addition, the evidence shows that to be at peak physical and mental performance, a client needs to be in a positive mood; enjoy what he or she is doing; and be in a normal, low to moderate state of arousal (Flavell & Ross, 1981; Nehlig, 2010).
Three short cinematographic fragments of 60 seconds duration each were used with the aim of inducing altered states of arousal: (a) a neutral, low arousal state; (b) a negative, high arousal state; and (c) a positive, high arousal state.
Further, 270 words were selected from the Affective Norms for English Words (ANEW), based on their overall valence and arousal ratings (Bradley & Lang, 1999), and translated to Japanese.
Innovus Pharma signed in May 2017 an exclusive license and distribution agreement with Luminarie, a company based in Australia, for the commercialization of Zestra for Female Sexual Arousal Disorder and Zestra Glide for female lubrication in the Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.
The terms were pleasure at (0o) relative to misery (unpleased) (180o), excitement (45o) relative to depression(225o), arousal (90o) relative to sleepiness (2700), and distress(135o) relative to contentment (relaxation) (315o).
Emotion recognition for the given input signal is done using the Valence Arousal model.
We have achieved 81.81% and 89.29% accuracy rate for arousal and valence respectively by using only Galvanic Skin Response signal.
Another prominent theory of arousal is commonly known as inverted U theory, and was developed by Yerkes and Dodson in 1908 (Kerr, 2014).
Arousal can cause transient elevation of blood pressure [4, 8] and repetitive arousals attenuate the blood pressure dipping at night [9].
According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) criteria, an apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) ≥5 or an obstructive apnea index (OAI) ≥1 together with an lowest arterial oxygen saturation (LSaO[sub]2) <92% was diagnosis of OSAHS; an OAI <1 and an LSaO[sub]2 >0.92 with total arousal index (ARtotI) <11 was that of PS.
Even when there are spaces that are proposed in the literature that have three or more dimensions (Russell, 1979), there is an agreement in Valence and Arousal (Russell, Weiss, & Mendelsohn, 1989).