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arouse (one) from

To wake someone. Can someone arouse Todd from his sleep? It's one in the afternoon!
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arouse someone from something

to activate a person out of a state of rest, sleep, or inaction. I could not arouse her from her sleep. She aroused herself from a deep sleep.
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Further, 270 words were selected from the Affective Norms for English Words (ANEW), based on their overall valence and arousal ratings (Bradley & Lang, 1999), and translated to Japanese.
This circumlex model, which interchangeably known also as Affective Space Model (ASM), suggested that emotions are represented by two-dimensional space, based on arousal and valence axes.
Table I: Valence and Arousal Valence Arousal Range Emotion positive high 6.
Emotional arousal induces a sweat reaction, which is particularly prevalent at the surface of the hands and fingers and the soles of the feet.
It is thought that environmental conditions which induce positive effect are just as likely to increase arousal (see Zillmann, 1979; LeDoux, 1996).
In addition, we found that the LAI is higher in children with PS which explains that frequent nocturnal limb movements induce arousal that can destabilize sleep, creating daytime inattention, and hyperactivity.
Mamdani's model: This model is composed of two Fuzzy Inference Engines: the first FIS models the emotion forms Arousal and Valence to an angle in AV-Space using 48 rules.
Indeed, there is evidence that the automatic association of the arousal dimension with alcohol influences excessive drinking behaviors (Wiers, Van Woerden, Smulders, & De Jong, 2002) with heavy drinkers exhibiting a strong association between alcohol use and high arousal, whereas light drinkers did not show this association.
Moreover we can get some insight on emotional intensity effect of music over painting (or vice versa) in valence and arousal when the two stimuli are presented simultaneously.
Persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD), also known as persistent sexual arousal syndrome (PSAS) or restless genital syndrome (ReGS), is recently recognised as a sexual health problem in western countries although it is not been considered as a physical or psychiatric disorder by DSM IV or ICD 10.
You may be able to power through a to-do list and solve tasks with a specific answer during your peak circadian arousal state," explains Keith Sawyer, associate professor of education at Washington University and the author of Explaining Creativity: The Science of Human Innovation.
At the end of their childhood, youngsters experience a new sensation--sexual arousal.
Abstract: This study investigated the relationship between sociosexuality--one's willingness to engage in uncommitted sexual activity--and heterosexual women and men's patterns of sexual arousal to stimuli varying by gender and relationship context.
As compared to their control level of arousal, children hearing the storybook evidenced increased arousal when the story was terminated prior to problem resolution; this increase was primarily evident in those children who expressed empathic understanding of the affective reactions of the animal character in the storybook.
In captivity, marmotine and other mammalian hibernators studied at controlled ambient temperatures in cold chambers universally display a characteristic body-temperature profile during hibernation: multiple, prolonged bouts of torpor punctuated by much shorter bouts of arousal when the animal returns to euthermy.