around (someone or something)

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around (someone or something)

1. Encircling someone or something. You guys don't all need to stand around me—back up!
2. Close to a particular person, place, or thing. I haven't lived around here for very long, so I don't know where any of the good restaurants are.
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*around someone or something

1. enclosing someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; go ~; circle ~.) The white picket fence is around the house and the yard. Jimmy was crying loudly. A ring of children circled around him, singing "Happy Birthday."
2. near someone or something in this vicinity. (*Typically: be ~; hang ~; live ~.) How long have you been around here? I don't like people like that hanging around me.
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/round the clock
Throughout the entire 24 hours of the day; continuously.
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References in classic literature ?
The little ant-- observing that I was noticing--turned him on his back, sunk his fangs into his throat, lifted him into the air and started vigorously off with him, stumbling over little pebbles, stepping on the spider's legs and tripping himself up, dragging him backward, shoving him bodily ahead, dragging him up stones six inches high instead of going around them, climbing weeds twenty times his own height and jumping from their summits--and finally leaving him in the middle of the road to be confiscated by any other fool of an ant that wanted him.
As for the Lion, he sniffed the fresh air with delight and whisked his tail from side to side in pure joy at being in the country again, while Toto ran around them and chased the moths and butterflies, barking merrily all the time.
The camera circles around them, coming in closer for a more intimate view, then pulling back to a more detached distance, while always maintaining a constant and therefore mechanistic circumambulatory pace, as if some purely scientific interest in these outlandish and comical creatures, these humans, were mixed with a more prurient fascination.
They have something that we're missing: their connection to the world around them is unbroken, as is their connection to each other and to their ancestors.
To do that, I have to listen to people." While the Japanese are good at both listening to their past (revering their long heritage) and listening to the present (copying what they see around them), Hiroshi Okuda is also good at listening for the future (hearing what people want and anticipating their needs in local markers around the world).
Many newer small molding machines have guarding around them that makes an awkward fit for hopper-mounted dryers.
As a result, the raisins are carried farther and farther from each other, even though they do not move with respect to the dough right around them. Galaxies, like the raisins, are carried farther and farther from each other as the space between them (like the dough) expands, but they do not necessarily move with respect to the space right around them.