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(a)round the clock

Nonstop. We have been working round the clock to solve this issue with your security system, but it's going to take us another 24 hours to get it back online. Doctors have been working on him around the clock, but his condition is still critical.
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(a)round the clock

Fig. continuously for twenty-four hours at a time. The priceless jewels were guarded around the clock. Grandfather was so sick that he had to have nurses round the clock.
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round the clock


around the clock

COMMON If you do something round the clock or around the clock, you do it continuously, throughout the day and night. Fire crews were working round the clock to bring the huge blaze under control. Detectives watched him around the clock. Note: Round-the-clock and around-the-clock can be used before a noun to describe work that is being done continuously, throughout the day and night. Staff alerted police and a round-the-clock surveillance of the four men began. We can't afford to give you around-the-clock protection.
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round (or around) the clock

all day and all night; ceaselessly.
1992 Susan Sontag The Volcano Lover The mountain was…guarded round the clock by a ring of armed soldiers mounted on nervous horses.
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around/round the ˈclock

for twenty-four hours without stopping: The police watched the house round the clock but no one went in or came out.Her mother needs round-the-clock care and attention.
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the 2004 performance of Around the Clock at the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter.
In addition to ``Rock Around the Clock,'' Glendale crews are also helping to finish the International House of Pancakes float, featuring a fisherman in his boat.
The panels of the museum are built into the side of a 36 foot fifth wheel that carries the panels for The wall and will be open around the clock as well.
Increased listings: Prospective buyers can access audio information on listings 24/7 and sellers benefit from the use of enhanced selling technology that showcases their home around the clock.
On top of the wacky schedule required under Martian time, the scientists also have found themselves going without sleep and eating on the run as they work around the clock to make the Mars Pathfinder mission a success.
In the first study, AVINZA showed better around the clock control of chronic pain and improved sleep in a large randomized study comparing AVINZA given once daily to oxycodone CR(1) given twice daily in patients with low back pain.
That sometimes means working around the clock to make deadlines, although the usual schedule is 6 a.
This additional data center space enables Peak 10 to meet this need and provide organizations with a proven option for maintaining the around the clock availability, security and integrity of critical data and business applications.
One-time start-up costs will run about $270,000, which covers paramedic training for the six firefighters assigned to that station - two a day around the clock - plus apparatus and equipment modifications, he said.
On February 28, 2005, Around the Clock Partners reported a 6.
Approximately the size of a dictionary, the VBrick appliance receives the video feed from a video camera that records nest activity around the clock.
A family member or loved one calls Everest's toll-free number to work directly with a concierge, available around the clock every day of the year.