around (someone or something)

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around (someone or something)

1. Encircling someone or something. You guys don't all need to stand around me—back up!
2. Close to a particular person, place, or thing. I haven't lived around here for very long, so I don't know where any of the good restaurants are.
See also: around

*around someone or something

1. enclosing someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; go ~; circle ~.) The white picket fence is around the house and the yard. Jimmy was crying loudly. A ring of children circled around him, singing "Happy Birthday."
2. near someone or something in this vicinity. (*Typically: be ~; hang ~; live ~.) How long have you been around here? I don't like people like that hanging around me.


/round the clock
Throughout the entire 24 hours of the day; continuously.
References in classic literature ?
He wore a low-crowned, narrow-brimmed straw hat, with a broad blue ribbon around it which had a white anchor embroidered on it in front; nobby short-tailed coat, pantaloons, vest, all trim and neat and up with the fashion; red-striped stockings, very low-quarter patent-leather shoes, tied with black ribbon; blue ribbon around his neck, wide-open collar; tiny diamond studs; wrinkleless kids; projecting cuffs, fastened with large oxidized silver sleeve-buttons, bearing the device of a dog's face--English pug.
"Before we get away she'll wish she hadn't let me go, but she won't know any way to get around it now.
The school teacher seen a round brown mole the size of a dime on his left leg above his knee, and four little bits of moles around it, when he was naked, and he said it minded him of Jubiter and his moons; and the children thought it was funny, and so they got to calling him Jubiter, and he's Jubiter yet.
"The first few seasons everything was really plain sailing but this time around it's not been.
They didn't vote you in first time around it's gonny be even worse next time.
"If there's more rain around it's about going to Galle, having two days of prep there and putting your name in the hat through nets," he added.
'This time around it's going to be different,' said Lee, who holds an 8-0 record.
The government in order to stabilise its dwindling foreign exchange reserves has resorted to the same old strategy of securing loans, however, this time around it's not the IMF but another financial organisation.
All around it's a very solid report, in contrast to the weaker PMIs reported for Europe earlier today.
This time around it's for a commercial ad shoot and I'm very impressed with the way Nishka has curated my entire ensemble," Tamannaah said.
Shahrizat also reminded Malaysians to be smart in judging the Opposition's 'moves', as their political game centred around it's leaders' personal interest.
"Rather than have you hanging around it's thought more fair to say, 'Please come back tomorrow', by which time that task will be completed."
We've had Doctor Whoinspired shows in the past, and this time around it's a tribute to David Bowie that has grabbed the attention.
It's clear this time around it's only Labour that can stop UKIP from taking that seat.
This time around it's the revelation that not all of her previous relationships have been heterosexual.