around (someone or something)

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around (someone or something)

1. Encircling someone or something. You guys don't all need to stand around me—back up!
2. Close to a particular person, place, or thing. I haven't lived around here for very long, so I don't know where any of the good restaurants are.
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*around someone or something

1. enclosing someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; go ~; circle ~.) The white picket fence is around the house and the yard. Jimmy was crying loudly. A ring of children circled around him, singing "Happy Birthday."
2. near someone or something in this vicinity. (*Typically: be ~; hang ~; live ~.) How long have you been around here? I don't like people like that hanging around me.
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/round the clock
Throughout the entire 24 hours of the day; continuously.
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References in classic literature ?
She threw her arms around her lover's neck, and said, ere she kissed him:
They see her carrying her own handheld in the same kind of folder around her neck, so they brought her into a competition.
She also had hundreds of yards of rope wrapped around her body--her tail, her torso, the back and the left front flipper, and there was a line in her mouth.
Diving below her and swimming around her so they could cut off all of her ropes was the only option, and an extremely risky one.
She's wearing a rose-colored sundress, the ruffled hem pulled around her ankles like she thinks she's a little girl.
Ellie with her dress around her ankles sits in the low slanting light and it's kind to her: She looks almost like she did when we were kids.
She was far from the laughing, swaggering girl he had married, the girl who sneaked out of her dorm room after hours, who bopped and smoked and could throw a fur piece around her shoulders with the high-handed flair of a Broadway actress.
She remembers the first time Bill put his arms around her, kissed her mouth.