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arise from

1. To stand up from a seated or prone position. My teenage son doesn't arise from his bed until one in the afternoon.
2. To move in an upward direction. My heart started beating faster as the helicopter arose from the ground.
3. To emerge from a bleak situation. Thanks to scholarships, I was able to go to a top college and arise from poverty.
4. To result from something. Many issues arose from the passing of that bill.
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arise out of (something)

1. To stand up from something; to get up out of something. My teenage son doesn't arise out of his bed until one in the afternoon.
2. To move in an upward direction. And then the excess gas arises out of this contraption here.
3. To emerge from a bleak situation. Thanks to scholarships, I was able to arise out of poverty and go to a top college.
4. To result from something. Many issues arose out of the passing of that bill.
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arise from something

 and arise out of something 
1. Lit. to get up from something. What time did you arise from bed? I arose out of my slumbers at dawn.
2. Lit. [for something] to drift upward from something. The smoke arose from the burning oil wells. The smoke arose out of the exhaust pipe.
3. Fig. to be due to something; to be caused by something. This whole problem arose from your stubbornness. The labor problem arose out of mismanagement.
4. Fig. [for someone] to come from poor or unfortunate circumstances. She arose from poverty to attain great wealth. She arose out of squalor through her own hard work.
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arise from

1. To result, issue, or proceed from something: Many mistakes in mathematics arise from a misunderstanding of the basic concepts.
2. To move upward from something; ascend from something: The hot air balloons slowly arose from the ground.
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Seielstad's team calculates that M242 arose about 15,000 years ago.
* THE NEED FOR A FRAMEWORK AROSE FROM THE JUMBLE of confusing independence rules and regulations that applied to public companies and their auditors, many in the form of interpretations issued in response to specific independence questions.
Accordingly, B's argument that the liability for the capitalized bankruptcy costs arose under Federal bankruptcy law is unpersuasive.
(2) Should the reported tax effect of items not included in income from continuing operations that arose during the current fiscal year and prior to the enactment date be measured based on the older tax rate?
The state deficiencies and related interest arose out of Michigan law; the interest on Federal deficiencies arose out of the Code.
A second burst of gamma activity, which may have helped coordinate an appropriate reaction, arose in motor areas of the brain as participants pressed a key.
In contrast, John transferred the land to Louise to satisfy his obligation to her that arose from the 1989 agreement, thereby enforcing her rights due to the cessation of their marriage.
The 64-day trial arose as a countersuit by Lloyd's Name Sir William Jaffray against legal action by Lloyd's to collect his unpaid debts to the Society of Lloyd's.
To our knowledge, this article represents the first published report of a mature teratoma that arose in the nasal vestibule.
Neither parent bore a mutation in the NF1 gene, but the researchers were intrigued to find that the mutation arose in the copy of NF1 inherited from his father.
We report the case of a 60-year-old woman in whom granular cell tumors arose almost simultaneously in her subcutaneous cervical region and her larynx.
When a taxpayer elects to apply an overpayment to the succeeding year's estimated taxes, the overpayment is applied to unpaid installments of estimated tax due on or after the date(s) the overpayment arose, in the order in which they are required to be paid to avoid an addition to tax for failure to pay estimated income tax under Sec.
During avulsion of the mass by endoscopic polypectomy, it was discovered that the stalk of the polyp actually arose from the mucosa of the right superior turbinate rather than from the mucosa of the maxillary ant rum.