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army volunteer

To select, nominate, or assign someone to carry out a task or duty that they are unwilling or unprepared to undertake. My boss always army volunteers me to pick up lunch for the office.
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you and whose army

A childish response to a threat, implying that an adversary is not powerful enough to carry out the threat alone (hence the need for an "army"). A: "If you don't leave, I'll make you get off this playground!" B: "Oh yeah? You and whose army?"
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an army marches on its stomach

A well-fed army is most effective. The cook may be the most important person in the unit because an army marches on its stomach.
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An army marches on its stomach.

Prov. An army needs a regular supply of food in order to keep on fighting. The invading army will soon have to pull back. An army marches on its stomach, and they're out of food.
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You and who else?

 and You and what army?
Inf. a phrase that responds to a threat by implying that the threat is a weak one. Bill: I'm going to punch you in the nose! Bob: Yeah? You and who else? Tom: Our team is going to slaughter your team. Bill: You and what army? Bill: If you don't stop doing that, I'm going to hit you. Tom: You and who else?
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you and whose army?

People say you and whose army? to tell someone who has threatened them that they will not be able to do what they have threatened because they are not strong enough. `I'll make you sorry.' — `Oh yeah? You and whose army?'
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you and whose army?

used to express disbelief in someone's ability to carry out a threat. informal
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an army marches on its stomach

soldiers or workers can only fight or function effectively if they have been well fed.
The saying has been attributed to both Frederick the Great and Napoleon I. It is a version of the French phrase c'est la soupe qui fait le soldat .
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army brat

n. a child born to a parent in the army. (Such a child will live in many different places.) I was an army brat and went to seven different schools before I got out of high school.
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You and who else?

and You and what army?
interrog. Who besides you is threatening me? You and what army are gonna yank my chain?
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You and what army?

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You're in the army now!

Shape up—things are done differently here. One of the stock comedy bits in World War II movies was the rude awakening that recruits received during basic training. Any buck private who tried to oversleep or do anything else that wasn't according to military procedure would be chewed out by his drill sergeant, with an unceremonious, “Hey, you ain't no civilian no more, mister—you're in the army now!” The phrase followed the soldiers home, and well into the '50s anyone who was corrected by an ex-GI was liable to be told, “Do it right, mister—you're in the army now!”
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The nervous irritation aroused by the appearance of Mack, the news of his defeat, and the thought of what lay before the Russian army found vent in anger at Zherkov's untimely jest.
Forty thousand men massacred and the army of our allies destroyed, and you find that a cause for jesting
General Jinjur immediately mounted the stump of a tree and addressed her army.
said those who had listened; but Tip thought most of the Army was too much engaged in chattering to pay attention to the words of the General.
The boy followed after them, carrying several baskets and wraps and packages which various members of the Army of Revolt had placed in his care.
Followed by her Army the General now rushed to the gateway, where she was confronted by the Royal Army of Oz -- which was the other name for the Soldier with the Green Whiskers.
But the Royal Army of Oz was too much afraid of women to meet the onslaught.
The Army of Revolt had become an Army of Conquerors!
The left wing of the royalist army, under the King of the Romans and his gallant son, was not so fortunate for they met a determined resistance at the hands of Henry de Montfort.
Had Edward not gone so far afield in pursuit of the Londoners, the victory might easily have been on the side of the royalists early in the day, but by thus eliminating his division after defeating a part of De Montfort's army, it was as though neither of these two forces had been engaged.
Free companions and Gascons made up this portion of the army to the number of ten thousand men.
The cultural problems that exist within the Army, the LSI, and the cadre of subcontractors could have possibly been avoided or minimized with the proper groundwork to establish the right culture prior to awarding the LSI contract.
Winner: 25th Avn Regt, Wheeler Army Airfield, Schofield Barracks, HI Runner-up: Avn Ctr Logs Cmd, Ft Rucker, AL
Despite a mostly successful record on these deployments, however, the Army never embraced non -combat operations as a crucial part of its mission.
And the Army says it is saving hundreds of millions of dollars by adopting modern industrial techniques.