an armchair traveler

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an armchair traveler

One who speaks authoritatively about traveling despite not traveling often. Don't let him discourage you when he's just an armchair traveler who's never been out of the country!
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an armchair something

An armchair critic, fan, traveller, etc. is interested in a particular subject and may talk about it, but does not have any real experience of it. The last thing we need are words of wisdom from an armchair critic. This great book is ideal for both the travelling supporter and the armchair fan.
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an armchair critic, traveller, etc.

a person who knows about a subject only from what they have heard or read and not from personal experience: He’s what you might call an ‘armchair traveller’, having never actually been outside Europe.
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A Textile Traveler's Guide to Peru & Bolivia is also sure to enthrall armchair travelers, and is a delight simply to page through.
"Local Eats Paris: A Traveler's Guide" by Natasha McGuiness is the perfect traveling companion for tourists and residents exploring the City of Lights, as well as armchair travelers simply delighted by all things French.
Highly recommended for general-interest readers, armchair travelers, psychologists, social science students, and any would receive a combination of travelogue and enlightenment.
How to Talk About Places You've Never Been: On the Importance of Armchair Travel provides a fun book for armchair travelers and those who hit the road, and maintains that physical travel alone is not the only route to discovery: a concept that will delight those who have neither the will nor ability to undertake long journeys.
While the book works to counter the myth that Austin was provincial or a shut-in, its main purpose is for the pleasure of armchair travelers to Austen-land.
A wealth of black-and-white maps and historical (as well as contemporary) photographs illustrate this comprehensive reference and resource, as fascinating to armchair travelers as it is useful to tourists interested in seeing the battlefield firsthand.
Packed with vivid anecdotes from the lives of ordinary people in the rainforest, tending their gardens, fishing coastal reefs, or raising families, Beautiful Tufi is the next best thing to seeing Papua New Guinea in person, and is especially recommended for armchair travelers.
The book should interest both those planning a trip and armchair travelers as well.
This classically beautiful picture book contains a gatefold illustration of life along the Thames and provides the ideal appetizer for young armchair travelers. Ages five to seven., another comprehensive site, also has a cool blog where armchair travelers can learn about wacky and wonderful things in the world of travel, including updates on the three man-made islands being built off the coast of Dubai, or Virgin Galactic--the world's "first commercial spaceline."
Best of all: this isn't just a list of clubs and cruising venues but a comprehensive--and yes, witty-guide that is as much fun for armchair travelers as for now voyagers.
Warblers & Woodpeckers is both an adventurous read and a celebration of family, with especial appeal to armchair travelers, nature lovers, and birding aficionados.
Critique: An impressively unique coloring book for adults of all ages, the "Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel Coloring Book" provides hours and hours of peaceful entertainment and is especially ideal and highly recommended for armchair travelers.
A fun, deliciously vivid perspective of India will delight armchair travelers who will find themselves on the edges of their seats with pleasure.
This book is an entry into the growing genre of popular food and travel writing for armchair travelers. The author is a professor of linguistics and computer science, and particularly in the early sections, the book will appeal most to readers with some academic intellectual background or interests (for instance, a chapter on how restaurants write their menus to appeal to various levels of snootiness goes into detail on how the data was analyzed).