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an armchair critic

One who speaks critically on topics one actually knows little to nothing about. My uncle is such an armchair critic about the classes I'm taking—the fact that he never went to college doesn't stop him from weighing in! Stop being an armchair critic and let me fix my car, since I actually know what I'm doing here!
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an armchair traveler

One who speaks authoritatively about traveling despite not traveling often. Don't let him discourage you when he's just an armchair traveler who's never been out of the country!
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armchair general

One who speaks authoritatively on topics one actually knows little to nothing about. My uncle is such an armchair general about the classes I'm taking—the fact that he never went to college doesn't stop him from weighing in! Stop being an armchair general and let me fix my car, since I actually know what I'm doing here!
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armchair quarterback

colloquial Primarily heard in US.
1. A fan who criticizes a football team or player with an air of authority while watching a game on television, especially at home. A: "I'm telling you, if they just had Williams run a route through the center of the field, he'd be wide open for a pass!" B: "Ah, many thanks to the resident armchair quarterback." Now that his playing career is over, he's been reduced to an armchair quarterback just like every other loser in town.
2. By extension, a person who acts like they have all the answers to a problem, especially in hindsight, usually without having any experience in that area. Social media seems to have turned everyone into an armchair quarterback whenever political issues are discussed. Dad, you have no idea all the difficulties that led up to our company's collapse, so stop acting like an armchair quarterback.
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an armchair something

An armchair critic, fan, traveller, etc. is interested in a particular subject and may talk about it, but does not have any real experience of it. The last thing we need are words of wisdom from an armchair critic. This great book is ideal for both the travelling supporter and the armchair fan.
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an armchair critic

a person who knows about a subject only by reading or hearing about it and criticizes without active experience or first-hand knowledge.
The phrase armchair critic is first recorded in 1896 , but the concept was around at least a decade earlier: in 1886 Joseph Chamberlain sneered at opponents as ‘arm-chair politicians’. Another common variant is armchair traveller , meaning ‘someone who travels in their imagination only’.
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an armchair critic, traveller, etc.

a person who knows about a subject only from what they have heard or read and not from personal experience: He’s what you might call an ‘armchair traveller’, having never actually been outside Europe.
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armchair general

A self-proclaimed military expert with little or no practical experience, who imposes his or her views on others. See also backseat driver; Monday-morning quarterback.
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