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He was arguing for his life, and he knew it; but he was neither excited nor afraid.
But Bonnie Robin-Vergeer, arguing for Ceballos, said the line between citizen and employee is ``malleable,'' and maintained Ceballos was writing his memo to the government, not for the government.
In Mind: A Brief Introduction, Searle provides an iconoclastic overview of the philosophy of mind, arguing for a position that accepts that the mind is materially based without dismissing or downplaying mental phenomena.
Berger restores an internationalist perspective to the study of socialism, arguing for a common history of European labor movements that transcends national boundaries while inviting comparison with non-European movements.
Arguing for a Christian vision committed to both the common good and human dignity, the bishops urged Catholics to exercise their political responsibility in the service of a more just and humane society.
Charles Murray, arguing for the abolition of welfare in Losing Ground, 1984
Fortunately, two of free trade's most able defenders have written new books arguing for renewed efforts at opening global markets.
And, recently, they went to federal court arguing for a constitutional right to sue national parks as rent-free retail space for T-shirt vendors.
In arguing for competitive innovation rather than the monopolistic variety, Boldrin and Levine emphasize that they are not saying creators don't have rights.