argue with

argue with (one)

To debate or exchange opposing viewpoints on a particular topic with another person. I have been arguing with my brother about this for years—I doubt we will ever reach an agreement. Don't argue with your teacher, just do your homework as assigned.
See also: argue

argue with something

to challenge or dispute something; to dispute someone's statement of fact. I won't argue with your conclusions. It is not a good idea to argue with the facts.
See also: argue

argue with

1. To engage in an argument or quarrel with someone: I argue with my brothers and sisters all the time about who should wash the dishes.
2. To challenge or dispute something: It is difficult to argue with your conclusions, but I still feel that you are not taking all of the facts into account.
See also: argue
References in classic literature ?
"Do you mean to say," said Lady Muriel, "that these manikins of an inch high are to argue with me?"
"I would not argue with any man less than six inches high!" she cried.
Father lost three steamers in succession by remaining in Paris to argue with me.
I imagine that every reader will be tempted to argue with one or another aspect of Hartman's two theses.