argue down

argue (someone or something) down

1. To successfully sway or influence someone who has an opposing viewpoint. They opposed this bill for so long that I'm amazed we were finally able to argue them down.
2. To successfully sway someone to lower the price of something. At a flea market, you can always try to argue the prices down. A: "He's asking $20 for it." B: "Try to argue him down to $10."
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argue someone down

to defeat someone in a debate. Sally could always argue him down if she had to. She tries to argue down everyone she meets.
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argue something down

1. Lit. to reduce something, such as a bill or a price, by arguing. I tried to argue the price down, but it did no good. Tom could not argue down the bill.
2. Fig. to urge the defeat of a proposal or a motion in a meeting through discussion. I am prepared to argue the proposal down in court. She will argue down the proposal in the council meeting.
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argue down

1. To end the opposition of someone or something by arguing strongly: He tried to object, but I argued him down. Our tax reform proposal was argued down by the committee.
2. To negotiate some lower price: The buyer argued me down to such a low price that I made no profit from the sale. If you want to buy that washing machine, I'm sure you can argue down the owner to half the price.
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Party members and officials were often literally left speechless in these debates, either unable or unwilling to argue down impetuous student activists.