be welcome to (something)

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be welcome to (something)

To be expressly or freely permitted to have, use, or do something. You're welcome to the spare bed if you want to spend the night here. They're welcome to change the color if they are that unhappy with it.
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welcome someone to something

to greet someone who has come into something or some place. I am very pleased to welcome you to Adamsville! They welcomed us to the party and showed us where to put our coats and hats.
See also: to, welcome
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welcome to, be

Be cordially or freely allowed to, as in You're most welcome to join us, or You're welcome to borrow my boat whenever you like. [1300s] Also see you're welcome.
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He added: "People think you can't get into Saudi Arabia, or that women aren't welcome to the show.
"The idea people from Salford aren't welcome to use pitches in Trafford I find ridiculous.
But, as Thom posed rhetorically, "Are you willing to list the people who aren't welcome to be part of your audience?" Thom conceded that it's a challenging and uncomfortable question, adding, "It's also uncomfortable to be excluded."
Not that men aren't welcome to join in the audience and enjoy a funny side to life that many of us miss out on.
His ideas about blacks being inferior aren't welcome to me.
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