be well out of (something)

(redirected from are well out of)

be well out of (something)

To be benefiting from a lack of involvement with something. Primarily heard in UK. I hope you're enjoying your retirement because you are well out of the rat race, my friend.
See also: of, out, well

well out of, be

Be lucky not to be involved with, as in You're well out of that marriage; he was never right for you. This expression is a shortening of well to be out of.
See also: out, well

be ˌwell ˈout of something

(British English, informal) be lucky that you are not/no longer doing something or involved in something: ‘I’ve left my job in advertising.’ ‘You’re well out of it, John. The firm is in terrible financial trouble.’
See also: of, out, something, well