be up to (one's) neck in (something)

(redirected from are up to their neck in)

be up to (one's) neck in (something)

To have too much of something; to be overwhelmed by something. I'm still unpacking my new house, so I'm just up to my neck in boxes. If any of my guys get hurt at the construction site, I'll be up to my neck in paperwork.
See also: neck, up

be up to your ˈneck in something


be in something up to your ˈneck

1 have a lot of something to deal with: I’ve been up to my neck in job applications for weeks.
2 be deeply involved in something, especially something dangerous or criminal: He says he knows nothing about the drug smuggling, but the police are sure he’s in it (= trouble) up to his neck.
See also: neck, something, up