be touch and go

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be touch and go

To be extremely uncertain as to whether something will have a positive or negative outcome. Our business had a pretty rocky start—it was touch and go for a while there whether we'd even be able to keep going or not. The doctors said it had been touch and go at points during surgery, but Dad is expected to pull through and make a full recovery.
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be touch-and-go

To be unstable or apt to change. Their engagement has been so touch-and-go that I'm not sure they'll ever get married. Nancy's condition has been touch-and-go since the surgery, but the doctor is optimistic that she'll make a full recovery.
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be ˌtouch-and-ˈgo (whether...)

(informal) be very uncertain whether something will happen or not; be risky: It was touch-and-go whether the work would be finished in time.This idiom possibly refers to a ship sailing in shallow water. The bottom of the ship might touch the sea bed for a moment but the ship still remains undamaged and able to continue moving.
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