be to blame

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be to blame

To be the cause of something harmful or unpleasant. I heard that slippery roads were to blame for the accident here this morning.
See also: blame

to blame, be

Be responsible for or guilty of something wrong or bad, as in Obviously the teacher was to blame for the chaos in the classroom, or Mary was not to blame for these errors. [Early 1200s]

be to ˈblame (for something)

be responsible for something bad: If anyone’s to blame, it’s me.Which driver was to blame for the accident?
See also: blame
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IT is not the dogs that are to blame for mess, but a small percentage of people who refuse to conform to a civilised society.
Robert Middleditch, vice-chairman of SongBird Survival, added, 'As a farmer, I know it is not just modern agricultural practices that are to blame. Habitat is actually improving with new agri-environment schemes along with increases in tree and hedge planting.
With rare exceptions, because of our silence, we bishops and priests are to blame" (Journal: A Publication of the Canadian Chapter of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars, Autumn 2004, pp.