be tickled pink

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be tickled pink

To be very pleased with someone or something. My family loves my fiancé as much as I do, so they were just tickled pink to hear that we're getting married. Your mother is really tickled pink that you've decided to go to her alma mater.
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be tickled pink (or to death)

be extremely amused or pleased. informal
1992 Guy Vanderhaeghe Things As They Are She made a big show of not being taken in by him, but I could see that all six feet…of her was tickled pink by his attentions.
See also: pink, tickle

be tickled ˈpink

(also be tickled to ˈdeath) (old-fashioned, informal) be very pleased or amused: My grandmother will be tickled pink to get an invitation to the wedding. OPPOSITE: (as) sick as a parrot
See also: pink, tickle
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Lothian and Borders Police yesterday brushed it off as a coincidence - but locals are tickled pink.
We are tickled pink that the diamond will be an integral part of Garrard's Valentine's display, enabling this rarity to be viewed by a large number of discerning consumers.
Big Pig Gig Executive Director Tamara Harkavy squealed, "We are tickled pink by the results of the pig auctions.
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