be (one's) own worst enemy

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be (one's) own worst enemy

To do things that complicate one's life and/or keep one from success; to be self-destructive or self-sabotaging. Of course Tommy started skipping school again—he's his own worst enemy. She always sabotages a relationship when it's going really well because she's her own worst enemy.
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be your own worst enemy

act contrary to your own interests; be self-destructive.
1993 Richard Lowe & William Shaw Travellers We convinced ourselves that everything was against us but the truth was we were probably our own worst enemies.
See also: enemy, own, worst

be your ˌown worst ˈenemy

be a person who often creates problems or difficulties for himself/herself: He spends all his money on clothes, and then finds that he’s got nothing left to live on — if you ask me, he’s his own worst enemy.
See also: enemy, own, worst
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IN the main, charities are their own worst enemies, never satisfied whatever donation is made, always wanting more under whatever pretext.
"Sports owners are their own worst enemies in this debate."
I CAN'T help but think the city councillors and West Midlands Police are their own worst enemies when it comes to the problem of alcohol being abused within the Weoley Castle area.
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