be on the warpath

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be on the warpath

slang To be overtly angry and/or looking for retribution. One of many expressions often considered offensive for making reference to Native American stereotypes or tropes. I'd avoid the boss if I were you—he's on the warpath and screaming at everyone he sees.
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be/go on the ˈwarpath

(informal) be angry and ready for an argument or a fight about something: Look out — the boss is on the warpath again!In the past, if Native Americans were on the warpath, they were going to war or preparing to attack somebody.
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on the warpath, to be/go

To be infuriated enough to seek out the person or agency responsible. This Native American term was used quite literally by James Fenimore Cooper in The Deerslayer (1841) to describe a character who had never engaged in battle (“He has never been on a warpath”). By the end of the nineteenth century it was loosely used to describe anyone on an angry rampage.
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The implications of Brexit could devastate the economy, Islamist extremists are on the warpath, thousands of buildings across the country are clad in kindling, Kim Jong-un and Trump may well nuke us all.
Geordie supporters are on the warpath after two opening defeats, but Gullit shrugged it off, saying: "This has not been a particularly difficult week.
Meanwhile, Hoekstra and his allies are on the warpath, and they're finding ammunition in the 25th anniversary catalog of Women Make Movies Inc., an independent producer and distributor of films and videotapes that received about $112,700 in NEA grants over three years.