be lost on (someone)

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be lost on (someone)

To have little or no impact or effect on someone; to not be valued, appreciated, or understood by someone. The human cost necessary to make these first-world comforts is a hard truth that is lost on most consumers. I fear our efforts to educate John about the perils of the city may have been lost on him.
See also: lost, on

be lost on someone

fail to influence or be noticed or appreciated by someone.
1990 Katherine Frank Emily Brontë Charlotte's lovely surroundings and the steady unfurling of one glorious summer day after the next were lost on her.
See also: lost, on, someone

be ˈlost on somebody

not be understood or noticed by somebody: I’m afraid that joke was lost on me.Good writing is lost on him. He’s just not interested in literature.
See also: lost, on, somebody

be lost on

1. To have no effect or influence on: Her advice was lost on me.
2. To be beyond the comprehension of: The lecture was lost on us.
See also: lost, on