be champing at the bit

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be champing at the bit

To be very eager or impatient to do something. The phrase alludes to an excited horse chewing on its "bit" (a metal mouthpiece). The kids are champing at the bit to go to the park—can you take them? Now that my daughter is 16, she's champing at the bit to take the driver's test.
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be champing at the bit


be chomping at the bit

If you are champing at the bit, you want to do something now and feel impatient because you are being prevented from doing so. Note: In the first and third expressions, a `bit' is a piece of metal which is held in a horse's mouth by the bridle and reins. Foremen had been champing at the bit to strike before next week's meeting. He had three of Goldman's best clients chomping at the bit to get a piece of this deal.
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be ˌchamping/ˌchomping at the ˈbit

(also be ˌchafing at the bit more formal) be impatient to do or to start doing something: The players were champing at the bit as the start of the match was delayed.I know you’re chafing at the bit, so we’ll start as soon as we can.
Champ and chomp mean to bite or eat something noisily. The bit is the piece of metal which goes in a horse’s mouth and is used to control the horse.
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It is not ideal and the only really competitive friendly we had was against Gateshead, but the lads are champing at the bit to get going.