be all like

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be all like

A phrase used in informal situations when one is recounting what someone else has said. And then he was all like, "You need to leave." Can you believe it?
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is all

Rur. That is all [and nothing more].; That is all I meant to say and there are no further implications. (Often used to end a sentence.) I'm not mad at you. I'm just disappointed, is all. Jane's not a bad kid. She's headstrong, is all.
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be all

To say or utter. Used chiefly in verbal narration: He's all, "What did you do that for?"
See also: all
References in classic literature ?
And I remember what another pessimist of sentiency has uttered: "Transient are all. They, being born, must die, and, being dead, are glad to be at rest."
"We are all field workers," she told the PUC commissioners.
I've grown up with the best of skaters who now are all very successful pros, and it's a shame I am so in love with the whole skate world but don't skate.
She doesn't say anything but her eyes are all wild.
For example, the parking fee, class fee, and materials needed for classes are all very affordable at Multipurpose.
Yet these are all too impersonal; they turn me all too easily into a creature of collectivities and anonymities.
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