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arch cove

obsolete The leader of a male band of thieves or gypsies. The arch cove kept the audience dazzled and distracted while his gang went through and pickpocketed the crowd.
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arch dell

obsolete The leader of a female band of thieves or gypsies, who acts as an accomplice to her male counterpart, an "arch cove" or "arch rogue." The women of the traveling group remain insular and secretive, led by the arch dell in their pursuits.
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arch doxy

obsolete The leader of a female band of thieves or gypsies, who acts as an accomplice to her male counterpart, an "arch cove" or "arch rogue." The beguiling women put on a fantastic show of exotic dance, while their arch doxy secured "donations" from the audience.
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arch over

To bend over or form an archway over something. This phrase can be applied to people and things. A noun or pronoun can be used between "arch" and "over." Arching yourself over like this helps to stretch the back muscles. We all held flowers and arched them over the graduates during the procession. The flowers arched over the happy couple beautifully as they stood before the minister.
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arch rogue

obsolete The leader of a male band of thieves or gypsies. While one should be wary of the traveling group, the arch rogue who orchestrates them is especially dangerous.
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arch (oneself) over

to bend or curve over. (Oneself includes itself.) The tree arched over in the wind. Arch yourself over gracefully and then straighten up. The tree arched itself over in the windstorm.
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arch over someone or something

to bend or curve over someone or something; to stand or remain bent or curved over someone or something. The trees arched gracefully over the walkway. A lovely bower of roses arched over the bride.
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arch something over someone or something

to place something above someone or something to form an arch or archway. The cadets arched their swords over the bridal couple. The willow arched its long drooping branches over the tiny cabin.
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beside it because she needs it to re-emphasize her other identity as a college-educated elitist--though if she had half an ear she would write it as "nuttin'." Fallen archness strikes again.
Despite his narrator's archness, there is no cynicism in his work, not at the deep tissue level, anyway.
1999 marked the moment at which bullet time's heretofore itinerant troupe of signifiers stabilized within a particular narrative and stylistic frame, corralling its meanings and kicking off a chain of citation that would end, four years later, in archness and decay.
Author's Note: When used in this context, archness connotes
Despite the narrator's characterised combination of artlessness, archness and occasional light mockery, it is held that, so far as it goes, the book's factual matter can be taken at face value.
(4) As she tells her readers with considerable archness, the shared race of slaves and slaveowners, or the provenance of African Americans from one region, like the North, does not correspond with better behavior:
Her down-to-earthness is a world away from the lofty archness of someone like Dame Shirley Bassey, say.
Beneath the nicknames, the teasing, the bad-Dickensian archness of her letters to him--"Hoi know oi is er very bad woifie boot oi looves yew very mooch hoondemeath," and so on--one can feel her helplessness.
The show trades largely on its naughtiness which just about sustains the two-hour run although I found the archness of some of the humour a bit cringe-making.
The "archness," the "unnecessary hyphenations and contractions" detected by Bruce Bigley, "Multiple Voices" 437-38, are symptomatic of Latinate influence on Wordsworth's diction.
The flag and its stories of valour and honour offer a "comforting feeling of rootedness, historical continuity, and cultural integrity," a safe harbour in the storm of "cynicism, archness, and pervasive lack of seriousness, commitment, and authenticity they feel characterize their own age" (p.
The serrated edge of the opening track, The View From The Afternoon, has the excitability of Bloc Party (without the arty archness) wedded to the terrier charm of a young Liam Gallagher.
Oliver Twist uses various comic devices (irony, satire, comic archness, comic exposure, etc.) and it can be as cruel in the situations it presents as Brewer implies that medieval and Renaissance comedy are, but it remains essentially comedy for all its determination to dwell darkly on poverty and crime.
Beyond establishing a conversational connection, this gambit functions, in essence, as a pickup line akin to the latter-day cliche, "Do you come here often?" If there is genuine surprise beneath the smokescreen of archness, it might be interpreted as, "Why haven't I met you yet?" or, in the plot's providential frame, "Where have you been all my life?" Surprise, then, is an effective cover-emotion, even as it generates an erotic spark in the mental friction of question and answer, action and reaction.
And also I think that costume dramas have gotten sort of hoary, whereas the archness and the extremeness--especially of certain animators--I adore some of that stuff.