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arch cove

obsolete The leader of a male band of thieves or gypsies. The arch cove kept the audience dazzled and distracted while his gang went through and pickpocketed the crowd.
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arch dell

obsolete The leader of a female band of thieves or gypsies, who acts as an accomplice to her male counterpart, an "arch cove" or "arch rogue." The women of the traveling group remain insular and secretive, led by the arch dell in their pursuits.
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arch doxy

obsolete The leader of a female band of thieves or gypsies, who acts as an accomplice to her male counterpart, an "arch cove" or "arch rogue." The beguiling women put on a fantastic show of exotic dance, while their arch doxy secured "donations" from the audience.
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arch over

To bend over or form an archway over something. This phrase can be applied to people and things. A noun or pronoun can be used between "arch" and "over." Arching yourself over like this helps to stretch the back muscles. We all held flowers and arched them over the graduates during the procession. The flowers arched over the happy couple beautifully as they stood before the minister.
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arch rogue

obsolete The leader of a male band of thieves or gypsies. While one should be wary of the traveling group, the arch rogue who orchestrates them is especially dangerous.
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arch (oneself) over

to bend or curve over. (Oneself includes itself.) The tree arched over in the wind. Arch yourself over gracefully and then straighten up. The tree arched itself over in the windstorm.
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arch over someone or something

to bend or curve over someone or something; to stand or remain bent or curved over someone or something. The trees arched gracefully over the walkway. A lovely bower of roses arched over the bride.
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arch something over someone or something

to place something above someone or something to form an arch or archway. The cadets arched their swords over the bridal couple. The willow arched its long drooping branches over the tiny cabin.
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At one point in the film, the science studies gadfly Steve Fuller archly poses the question: Which comes first, worldview or evidence?
As Emmerich's co-writer, Harald Kloser, archly puts it, "Roland and I never intended for 10,000 BC to be a documentary."What that means in practice is that 10,000 BC envisions the icy environs of the late Pleistocene epoch as a place that people could simply walk out of if they had the requisite gumption and a heck of a good reason to hit the trail.Our hero, the hunter D'Leh (Steven Strait), has both.
Virginia Woolf's revisions to A Room of One's Own involved the deletion of an archly ironic passage implying that 'Chloe and Olivia' shared a bed.
The new Prime Minister archly told the House of Commons that "regeneration in the areas for the supercasinos maybe a better way of meeting their economic and social needs."
The starter with which my wife began was an example - rather archly entitled Maman Blanc's Miscellany of Salads.
Much of the nudity I see today is not archly beautiful or sculptural or didactic as it was years back.
Firstly, on the Light Entertainers series we had the so-called alternatives archly displaying their political credentials.
They are not just poor choices but choices with very nasty implications for the rest of us." This archly entertaining hit parade of dunces proceeds chronologically from Adam and Eve's decision to bite that apple all the way to the Enron debacle and the failure of Asian nations to set up an adequate tsunami warning system.
Expectedly, fog swirls, Scotland Yard bumbles, and suspects act archly. Unexpectedly, the American psychiatrist fiancee of trusty old Watson (nicely played by Ian Hart) feeds Holmes Abnormal Psych 101 tips that unmask a sexually kinky culprit--whose identity should be instantly obvious to anyone half paying attention.
As Purdue noted archly in its press release about the court decision, "Purdue never made the claim in the patent application that it had done experiments to establish this property and the patent examiner never asked for such information."
(At the same time, it also initiated the mid-priced Archly Blue series, which focused specifically on older recordings from its early music imprint.) Among the three-disc sets, which are marketed under the series title "Trio," are two which are especially worth noting: the complete organ concertos of Handel and the complete harpsichord concertos of Bach, both programs performed by the English Concert with various soloists under the direction of Trevor Pinnock.
When I sing to my classes, "Conjunction Junction," they-who were not born when the spots first aired--almost uniformly finish, "What's Your Function?" "What indeed?," I ask archly. Faced with that question, they fall silent.
In the 'architecture' entry there was this: 'the jargon of architecture is what architects and designers archly call "talkitecture" or "archispeak".
Surrounding his voice, the band brandishes an arsenal of instruments--rushing, exact, pounding, and archly powerful.
Originally, SBA President Elliott Friedman archly informed Law Students Pro-Life that "the catching issue" was what he labeled "the narrowness of your group's interests and goals." The SBA, he wrote, "felt that the organization was not touching on all possible Pro Life issues" because it did not have an "anti-death penalty" position in its constitution.