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arch cove

obsolete The leader of a male band of thieves or gypsies. The arch cove kept the audience dazzled and distracted while his gang went through and pickpocketed the crowd.
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arch dell

obsolete The leader of a female band of thieves or gypsies, who acts as an accomplice to her male counterpart, an "arch cove" or "arch rogue." The women of the traveling group remain insular and secretive, led by the arch dell in their pursuits.
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arch doxy

obsolete The leader of a female band of thieves or gypsies, who acts as an accomplice to her male counterpart, an "arch cove" or "arch rogue." The beguiling women put on a fantastic show of exotic dance, while their arch doxy secured "donations" from the audience.
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arch over

To bend over or form an archway over something. This phrase can be applied to people and things. A noun or pronoun can be used between "arch" and "over." Arching yourself over like this helps to stretch the back muscles. We all held flowers and arched them over the graduates during the procession. The flowers arched over the happy couple beautifully as they stood before the minister.
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arch rogue

obsolete The leader of a male band of thieves or gypsies. While one should be wary of the traveling group, the arch rogue who orchestrates them is especially dangerous.
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arch (oneself) over

to bend or curve over. (Oneself includes itself.) The tree arched over in the wind. Arch yourself over gracefully and then straighten up. The tree arched itself over in the windstorm.
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arch over someone or something

to bend or curve over someone or something; to stand or remain bent or curved over someone or something. The trees arched gracefully over the walkway. A lovely bower of roses arched over the bride.
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arch something over someone or something

to place something above someone or something to form an arch or archway. The cadets arched their swords over the bridal couple. The willow arched its long drooping branches over the tiny cabin.
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Previous study also showed majority of transverse changes in the premolar areas in both upper and lower arches, with less expansion in the canine and molar region 16, 17.
"Last year we supplied all the inflatable arches for the official UK Color Run and this year they came back and ordered three more.
"This is a very sad day for The Arches and for the city of Glasgow."
The end of consolidation works on the arches was celebrated with a topping out ceremony involving the oldest local resident.
Work at the site, installing the drill shafts and columns, took place in spring, and the 12 arches were moved to the site on self-propelled mobile transports over a period of several weeks in May and June and put into place.
The objective of this study is to evaluate the morphology of the palmar arterial arches and its variation if present so that it may help Anatomists, Micro vascular surgeons & orthopedic surgeons.
[beta] function has been shown to be an accurate representation of the human dental arches using only distobuccal cusp tips of the first molars and the central incisors.
But ODOT said the through-arch design, in which arches pierce the road deck and rise in arcs above it, was too expensive and couldn't be built within the $150 million project budget.
Unfortunately, the arches tend to constrict in anteroposterior and transverse dimensions, leading to further crowding of an already inadequate dental arch.
The High Bridge was created as part of the Croton Aqueduct in 1839, with pipes built into its 15 circular masonry arches and beneath the walkway to allow fresh water originally coming from the Croton River in upstate New York to pass through the bridge.
The branchial apparatus, which gives rise to a wide array of structures that originate in the cervical area, is organized into pouches, arches, and clefts (figure 1).
The new findings are based on observations of the Arches cluster, a star-forming region near the Milky Way's center.
The most obvious physical expression of this unconventionality is the organic plan form broken up by a series of stone arches that radiate out from the central altar, where the remains of Padre Pio now lie.
Recently on a trip to Cardiff's Splott Market I was told by an old acquaintance that the arches at the bottom of Moorland Road were being knocked down.