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arbitrate between

To mediate between two (or more) parties in conflict. We need someone to arbitrate between these two departments before their in-fighting affects the whole company. As a marriage counselor, I specialize in arbitrating between couples who are having difficulty communicating.
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arbitrate in

To mediate between two (or more) parties in conflict. We need someone to arbitrate in this employee dispute before it affects the whole company. As a marriage counselor, I specialize in arbitrating in cases where couples are having difficulty communicating.
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arbitrate between (someone and someone else)

to mediate between two disagreeing parties; to help two disagreeing parties to resolve their differences. Jane was called upon to arbitrate between the workers and the manager. I arbitrated between Fred and his ex-wife.
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arbitrate in (a dispute)

to mediate or negotiate a settlement in a dispute. She refuses to arbitrate in this dispute. I will arbitrate in this little disagreement.
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"They cannot claim, in advance of arbitration, that the risk of incurring arbitration costs would deter them from arbitrating their claims because they do not know what the costs will be, but if they arbitrate and actually incur costs, they cannot then argue that the costs deterred them, because they have already arbitrated their claims."
They want all contracts to be lodged with either the SFA and SFL so that the details can be made fully available to an arbitrating body should a dispute arise.
The Labour Relations Commission, which is arbitrating between the two sides, has asked the Department of Finance if more cash for a pay deal is available.
"Bill 100 rightly detached us from the town (Terrace Bay) and stopped the respective town clerks from arbitrating our taxes, but it did not address the enormous tax base achieved.
Karen has been litigating and arbitrating commercial disputes for more than a decade.
Chapters cover topics such as: arbitrating business disputes; litigation in the People's Court; case studies in arbitration; CIETAC arbitration; anti-counterfeiting and intellectual property rights; trademark infringement litigation; investor-state arbitration; and, choosing an arbitral institution in cross-border commercial arbitration.
His resume includes such successes as arbitrating extra work/delay claims for a geotechnical contractor; defending a residential developer/general contractor against a multi-million dollar claim for defects and earthquake damage; representing steel fabricators in prosecution of claims arising out of deficient plans and specifications by Caltrans on seismic up grade projects for the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and Richmond-San Rafael Bridge; and defending a publicly-traded REIT in defense of breach of contract and fraud claims.
Moreover, reading the agreement to arbitrate as subject to international law, rather than to the law of the State against which an investor was arbitrating, would better protect the interests of investors as BITs set out to do.
ALI-ABA has published the Practice Checklist Manual on Alternative Dispute Resolution offering "everything from drafting an arbitration agreement to arbitrating a sexual harassment case."
No wonder that villages fought over the privilege of holding a market day and that prefects spent much time arbitrating disputes involving markets.