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apropos of (something)

Regarding; with respect to; referring to. From the French à propos, meaning "to purpose." Apropos of the decision reached at this morning's board meeting, I think we should move ahead with the staff reduction directly. And then he just punched Jeremy in the face, apropos of nothing! Mary Ellen's a realtor, so I just sent her this interesting article apropos of housing prices in the area.
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apropos of nothing

Of an action or something said, for no reason or with no relation to the immediate conversation, as of a non-sequitur. We were talking about our weekend plans when Ed asked, apropos of nothing, if we could show him how to sew a button. And then he just punched Jeremy in the face, apropos of nothing! I don't blame the kids for being confused—you yelled at them apropos of nothing.
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apropos of

Concerning, in connection with, as in Apropos of keeping in touch, I haven't heard from her in months. This idiom was a borrowing of the French à propos de ("to the purpose of") in the 17th century. At first it was used without of and meant "fitting" or "opportune," as in Their prompt arrival was very appropos. By the 1700s it was also being used with of, as in the current idiom, for "concerning" or "by way of."
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apropos of nothing

having no relevance to any previous discussion or situation.
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Going for scabrous comedy, he falls flat, as when he clumsily undertook the eminently reasonable idea of giving Manet's Olympia a race reversal, or when, apropos of nothing, he named his 1964 takeoff on David's portrait of Napoleon in the National Gallery The Greatest Homosexual.
Erotica, for a depressing but engrossing account of the latter.) And, apropos of the Bush twins, it pushed to have every state in this sweet land of liberty raise its drinking age to 21.
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TELECOMWORLDWIRE-(C) 1994-9 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD Apropos Retail Management Systems Inc and Informix Corp have partnered to create a resort rental management add-on module for Intrawest Corp, a destination resort operator in North America which already uses Apropos' Retail Management System powered by databases from Informix.
Larry Tannenbaum, one of the partners in the new company, called Apropos Decor, said the company's goal is to provide on-trend dinnerware patterns at sharp price points.