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approve of

To agree with or support someone or something. I don't approve of your behavior right now. My parents have never approved of any of my girlfriends.
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I approve this message

1. A standard phrase attached to the end of a political advertisement by a candidate running for federal office. Do you really want your future in the hands of someone who launders money for the cartel? Vote Smith-Robertson for president this election. I'm Jonathan Smith, and I approve this message.
2. Used alongside humorous statements in order to parody the solemnity of the message. A: "I say you need to eat more vegetables. I'm your father, and I approve this message!" B: "Har har, Dad."
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approve of someone or something

to take a favorable view of someone or something. I approve of the way you have remodeled the kitchen. I don't approve of your foul language.
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approve of

To consider someone or something right, good, or appropriate: My voice teacher does not approve of eating ice cream before singing. My parents need to know exactly where I plan to go before they can approve of my trip.
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