approve of (someone or something)

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approve of (someone or something)

To agree with or support someone or something. I don't approve of your behavior right now. My parents have never approved of any of my girlfriends. I never approved of this spending increase! Where is the paperwork for this?
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approve of someone or something

to take a favorable view of someone or something. I approve of the way you have remodeled the kitchen. I don't approve of your foul language.
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approve of

To consider someone or something right, good, or appropriate: My voice teacher does not approve of eating ice cream before singing. My parents need to know exactly where I plan to go before they can approve of my trip.
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I cannot say if John would have approved of our pace, but Joe and I were both of one mind, and so angry that we could not have gone slower.
Joe was quite calm by this time, and proud that John approved of him, and cleaned out my feet and rubbed me down with a firmer hand than usual.
Those around the colonel approved of his opinion, and Mr.
In 1958, only 4% of Americans said they approved of marriages between whites and blacks.
Few whites approved of interracial marriage in 1958, but support gradually increased, reaching majority level in 1997 and then edging up to the current 75% approval rating, the highest point to date, though by a statistically insignificant two points compared with Gallup's 2004 survey.
Prudential said in a statement that nearly 92% of those voting approved of the plan.
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