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approve of

To agree with or support someone or something. I don't approve of your behavior right now. My parents have never approved of any of my girlfriends.
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I approve this message

1. A standard phrase attached to the end of a political advertisement by a candidate running for federal office. Do you really want your future in the hands of someone who launders money for the cartel? Vote Smith-Robertson for president this election. I'm Jonathan Smith, and I approve this message.
2. Used alongside humorous statements in order to parody the solemnity of the message. A: "I say you need to eat more vegetables. I'm your father, and I approve this message!" B: "Har har, Dad."
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approve of someone or something

to take a favorable view of someone or something. I approve of the way you have remodeled the kitchen. I don't approve of your foul language.
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approve of

To consider someone or something right, good, or appropriate: My voice teacher does not approve of eating ice cream before singing. My parents need to know exactly where I plan to go before they can approve of my trip.
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Overall, 85% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 49 approve of marriages between blacks and whites, while among those aged 50 and older, 67% approve.
Among blacks ages 18 to 49, 89% approve of interracial marriage, while among blacks aged 50 and older, 77% approve.
(7.) The Board's authority to approve the establishment of the proposed agency parallels the continuing authority of the State of Florida to license offices of a foreign bank.
In order to approve an application by a foreign bank to establish an agency in the United States, the IBA and Regulation K require the Board to determine that the foreign bank applicant engages directly in the business of banking outside the United States and has furnished to the Board the information it needs to assess the application adequately.
Among other reforms, Wyden would let outside reviewers approve low-risk devices, eliminate barriers that prohibit U.S.
Brian Folkerts, a lobbyist for the National Food Processors Association, admits that "drugs and devices get most of the agency's attention, because the failure to approve them can lead to needless deaths." Even so, he says, the agency's "failure to act hurts our members' ability to provide healthy additives and ingredients." His group will prod the FDA to speed up approval of new items and push Congress to allow private groups to clear health claims made by food makers.
In deciding whether to approve an application under authority of this exception, the Board shall also consider whether the foreign bank has adopted and implements procedures to combat money laundering (12 U.S.C.
(5.) The Board's authority to approve the establishment of the proposed branches parallels the continuing authority of the State of New York to license offices of a foreign bank.
On January 3, in conjunction with the Federal Open Market Committee's decision to lower the federal funds rate target by 50 basis points, the Board approved pending requests from Federal Reserve Banks to reduce the discount rate by 25 basis points, to 5 3/4 percent, and said that it would approve a further 25 basis point reduction once the Reserve Banks submitted requests.
Commenter notes, however, that under the exception, a shareholder who acquires 10 percent or more of the voting shares of a company or any affiliate of the shareholder may not merge or combine with the company for five years after the shareholder's ownership reaches the 10 percent level unless the company's board of directors approves the merger or combination.
* December 6, 1995: the FDA approves saquinavir (Invirase) in a record 97 days.
Before the study begins, FDA reviews and approves the protocol to help assure that the resulting data will be meaningful and that patients will not be exposed to unreasonable risks.
Once the TEC approves a position, it becomes the official position of the AICPA.
If the full board of the American Academy of Pediatrics approves the infectious disease committee's statement, physicians will have to choose between the Academy's view and that of the CDC as they decide whether to administer Hib vaccinations.
Cabinet approves one wheat bag free for each family living in Thar