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appropriate for (oneself)

To seize for oneself, often illegally or without the owner's permission. In this usage, a noun appears between "appropriate" and "for." When "appropriate" is used as a verb, the last syllable is pronounced "ate." I can't believe you appropriated my video game system for yourself while I was away! I had money in my wallet, but it seems that some other party guests appropriated it for themselves. This is our land, fair and square! You can't just come here and appropriate it for yourself!
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appropriate for (someone)

Suitable or proper for one, based on certain conditions like one's age or setting. When "appropriate" is used as an adjective, the last syllable is pronounced "it." Turn that violent cartoon off right now—it's not appropriate for a boy your age! This text is not appropriate for high-schoolers. Kids, cover your ears! This story is not appropriate for your young ears.
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appropriate for (something)

To designate for a specific purpose. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "appropriate" and "for." When "appropriate" is used as a verb, the last syllable is pronounced "ate." How much money was appropriated for education initiatives this quarter? Please tell me that the committee has finally appropriated money for road repairs in the township. I just don't know how much time to appropriate for a report like this. Do you have any idea?
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appropriate something for something

1. to allot a certain amount of money for a particular purpose. They will appropriate $10,000 for the exhibit at the fair. A large sum was appropriated for the expenses.
2. Euph. to take something [from someone else] and use it as something else or for a purpose different from what was intended. Walter appropriated a truck for an ambulance. It was necessary to appropriate your laptop for connecting to the Internet.
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Jason Jones, 27, of Weatherhead Avenue, Middlesbrough, fined PS120, disqualified from driving for 12 months, ordered to pay PS85 costs and PS30 in charges for driving without appropriate insurance.
These persons--insurance companies--are required to have an appropriate anti-money laundering] program and are now responsible for filing SARs.
In this article, we extended the concept of metacognition to the CACCM (Fouad & Bingham, 1995) as a means to facilitate culturally appropriate career counseling practice.
In these situations, the role of the school counselor is to encourage parents to have the child assessed so that appropriate provisions may be made at the school level to accommodate the child's needs.
Developmentally appropriate digital environments are designed in keeping with principles of developmentally appropriate practice as described in the sections above.
Overall, best practices in logistics procurement involve securing the right resources to implement logistics strategies and the appropriate management of these resources and suppliers.
To remedy the problem CPAs should help management take appropriate actions, including setting up a hotline, improving the handling of complaints or establishing a timeline for responding to calls.
If ever there was a book that provides best practices for internal communication that are appropriate for all sizes and levels of organizations, this is it.
The Appropriate Use of the Federal Reserve's Primary Credit Program in Effective Liquidity Management.
Through these initiatives, the IRS is focusing on IDRs and the appropriate response timeline.
Immediately before the AGC vote, Mary Peters, Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), announced in an address to AGC's Highway and Transportation Division and a letter handed to AGC Chief Executive Officer Stephen Sandherr that FHWA "supports the appropriate use of price adjustment clauses for products, including steel, when they can reduce contingencies in construction bids and provide for an equitable adjustment for costs that may increase during the life of a project.
2660) would appropriate $470 billion for the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Departments for fiscal 2004, a 10 percent increase over fiscal 2003.
An attendant argument is that these writers appropriate theme, plot, symbolism, and characterization from the literary genres of the Bildungsroman and the Kunstlerroman to illuminate the role race, class, and gender play in the source and development of their art.
It is important to remember that every company values information differently; make sure you understand how your information is valued and spend as much, and only as much, as necessary to provide the appropriate level of access.
Likewise, the operator carrying out the studies must be competent in the field of work under study and have sufficient knowledge related to the work to be able to make appropriate decisions from the observation made as the study progresses.
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