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apprise (one) of (something)

To inform one. The phrase can be used with or without a noun between "apprise" and "of." Has anyone apprised him of the new policy outlined in the meeting? Please keep me apprised of any changes. The meeting's at 11 now? OK, I'll apprise Jim of the time change.
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apprise someone of something

to inform someone of something. I hope you will apprise me of any change. Have you been apprised of the new rule?
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Bisharat of Criminology Department laid stress for incorporating the issue of women rights especially inheritance in curriculum for apprising children at the issue from school stage.
Attorney General (AG) Moulvi Anwar ul Haq will present in the court summary sent by law ministry to prime minister in implementation of SC verdict on NRO case besides apprising the court progress achieved so far in implementation of apex court decision .