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apprise (one) of

To inform one. The phrase can be used with or without a noun between "apprise" and "of." Has anyone apprised him of the new policy outlined in the meeting? Please keep me apprised of any changes.
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apprise someone of something

to inform someone of something. I hope you will apprise me of any change. Have you been apprised of the new rule?
See also: apprise, of
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General Votel, who is overseeing the US campaign in Afghanistan, apprised General Bajwa about the US decision regarding the security assistance and Coalition Support Fund.
The Indian parliament was apprised about the amount of illegal money that had been sent from India to overseas accounts.
He also apprised the prime minister about rehabilitation projects in Malakand division.
In particular, it requests comments on whether (1) the adjustments to arrive at line 11, Part I of the schedule, "net income (loss) per income statement of includible corporations," may provide adequate disclosure; and (2) the condition that the IRS be apprised of the nature of the potential controversy is necessary for Schedule M-3.
He also apprised the committee the projects being resubmitted for approval related to PM Skill Development Program for Textile Industry and studies for climatic change, recycling of organic wastes, restoration of soil fertility and cost management in cotton production and marketing.
Meanwhile, a delegation of agriculturists from Balochistan called on Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and apprised him of the problems being faced by the farmer community in the province.
The JIT head apprised the court of progress in the investigations conducted so far and answered various queries of the bench.
A meeting held between IPO-Pakistan and the Delegation of the EU to Pakistan during which the EU Delegation was apprised about the recent developments and initiatives taken by IPO-Pakistan.
PARACHINAR -- Brigadier of Pakistan Army, Akhtar Aleem on Friday visited local courts, passport office, Nadra office and different areas of the city and apprised himself of the problems being faced by the local people.
The DG apprised the delegate about the possibilities of enhancing Pak Italian bilateral trade.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan has apprised the United States about its serious concerns which need to be addressed for moving forward.
A delegation of the union councils met him and apprised him regarding water supply schemes of Jabbi and Dhok Feroz and Mobile Tower for Dakhner village.
Earlier, the vice principal apprised the DG about the project history and achievements of PKTI for preparing technical manpower for the country.