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apprise (one) of

To inform one. The phrase can be used with or without a noun between "apprise" and "of." Has anyone apprised him of the new policy outlined in the meeting? Please keep me apprised of any changes.
See also: apprise, of

apprise someone of something

to inform someone of something. I hope you will apprise me of any change. Have you been apprised of the new rule?
See also: apprise, of
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Apprise said it would benefit from Aptean's global presence and best practices.
APPRISE is the designated State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) in Pennsylvania
It's still early in the product life but Apprise Consulting and TWS are satisfied that we have a solution which should provide almost immediate benefit for any client with a stock-counting requirement.
Apprise Mobile version 2 contains new, key features including:
For example, particularly in the case of relatively complex gift transactions, how exactly would a taxpayer disclose all "relevant facts affecting the gift tax treatment of the transfer that reasonably may be expected to apprise the Internal Revenue Service of the nature of any potential controversy" surrounding the transfer?
To obtain the certification, auditors thoroughly reviewed the Apprise ERP software solution and conducted an evaluation of company IT systems, security, servers, and change management systems.
Apprise Media LLC (New York), a niche media company backed by Spectrum Equity Investors (Boston, MA), has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Canon Communications (Los Angeles, CA), a producer of print publications, trade shows and digital media for the high-growth $200 billion medical device manufacturing market and allied packaging, plastics and electronics markets.
These include a requirement that the claim set forth in detail each ground on which a credit or refund is claimed and facts sufficient to apprise the Service of the exact basis for the claim.
According to a Highway and Motorway Police spokesman, a special campaign has been launched in Rawalpindi region to apprise the motorists and drivers of Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) to use proper number plates and refrain from tinting glasses of vehicles.
6402-2(b), refund claims must set forth in detail each ground on which a refund is claimed, including facts sufficient to apprise the IRS of the exact basis of the claim.
The Senate had taken the notice of missing of three women along-with their three children and directed the government for taking measures for their recovery and apprise the House accordingly.