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apprise (one) of

To inform one. The phrase can be used with or without a noun between "apprise" and "of." Has anyone apprised him of the new policy outlined in the meeting? Please keep me apprised of any changes.
See also: apprise, of

apprise someone of something

to inform someone of something. I hope you will apprise me of any change. Have you been apprised of the new rule?
See also: apprise, of
References in classic literature ?
A single moment served to apprise him of the place where the unsuspecting traveller lay.
Mrs Jarley's back being then towards him, the military gentleman shook his forefinger as a sign that her myrmidons were not to apprise her of his presence, and stealing up close behind her, tapped her on the neck, and cried playfully
He stands among partial men for the complete man, and apprises us not of his wealth, but of the common wealth.
About APPrise Mobile(TM) APPrise Mobile is native app development platform that was created by communications professionals for the communications industry (corporate communications, public relations, investor relations).
The Lord Mayor termed Pakistan an important investment destination for the companies based in the City of London and assured that he would apprise them of the opportunities offered by Pakistan.
NEW YORK -- Apprise Media LLC, a niche media company backed by Spectrum Equity Investors, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Canon Communications, a leading producer of print publications, trade shows and digital media for the high-growth $200 billion medical device manufacturing market and allied packaging, plastics and electronics markets.
The grant of $200,000 will be devoted to assist local APPRISE programs in developing strategic approaches to enhance volunteer programs.
Using APPrise Mobile's App Development Platform, Fordham Road App to "Push" Coupons, Promotions and Important Information to iPhones, iPads and Android Mobile Devices
8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- theCOMMSapp today announced that the Company has changed its name to APPrise Mobile.
The strength of SJI's performance year-to-date, coming from both our utility and non-utility businesses, warrants taking this step to apprise investors of our higher expectations for SJI," stated Charles Biscieglia, SJI's Chairman and CEO.
Older Pennsylvanians are urged to utilize the state Department of Aging's APPRISE program to determine a Medicare health plan that works for them.
The Progress Company, a business unit of Progress Software Corporation (Nasdaq:PRGS) and a leading supplier of technology for building business applications, announced today that Bob Barker Company, America's leading supplier of goods used by correctional and detention facilities, has saved over a million dollars with a Progress(R)-based solution from independent software vendor (ISV) Apprise Software, Inc.
The APPRISE program provides trained volunteer counselors who are available to help.
With the bankruptcy filing of Excite@Home and the concern by various stakeholders, we wish to take this opportunity to apprise the market of our progress to date.
The BRAVO awards were presented at the third annual APPRISE Recognition Program.