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apprentice (one) to

To pair one with an expert in a particular field or trade so that one can learn about it. I have apprenticed my son to the local blacksmith.
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sorcerer's apprentice

Someone who is unable to contain or control a situation, event, or process that they instigated. A reference to a ballad written by Goethe in 1797 called "Der Zauberlehrling," about an apprentice magician who, through arrogance in his own abilities, brings a broom to life to do his chores for him, only to realize he has no way of controlling it. The banking authority, like a sorcerer's apprentice, created a system where greater bad debts were being inflated far beyond their market value, thus leading to a severe crash once the bubble inevitably burst.
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apprentice someone to someone

to assign someone to work at a certain trade and learn it from someone experienced. She apprenticed her son to a local diesel mechanic. I apprenticed myself to a printer and learned what it means to get really dirty.
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sorcerer's apprentice

a person who having instigated a process is unable to control it.
This is a translation of the French L'Apprenti sorcier, the title of an 1897 symphonic poem by Paul Dukas based on Der Zauberlehrling, a 1797 ballad by Goethe . In this ballad the apprentice's use of magic spells sets in motion a series of events which he cannot control.
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Whatever the outcome of the Assembly Election, it's clear that while the parties differ in other policy areas, apprenticeship schemes across all ages are recognised as a worthwhile investment for individuals, business and the economy.
I have taken every opportunity to progress and I have worked my way up to supervisor - I was even an apprentice award winner in last year's Apprenticeship Awards.
The number of people starting higher apprenticeships that deliver the technical skills the UK economy vitally needs has grown significantly.
Depending on your current skills and qualifications, there are three levels of apprenticeship you can apply for: Intermediate level apprenticeship (Level 2); Advanced level apprenticeship (Level 3); Higher apprenticeship (Level 4 or above).
Since 2010, there have been |over two million apprenticeship started in England.
With 10,000 needed this year, 9,500 will be enrolled on an apprenticeship scheme in one of 43 programmes ranging from chefs to fitters.
Equally there is a concern that poor-quality apprenticeships could be a cover for cheap labour.
A successful apprenticeship programme involves work-related training for full-time employees, but the PAC found that the amount and quality of training varies widely, and many do not receive the off-the-job training they are entitled to.
There are still apprenticeships out there which can bring in a much needed wage - and provide you with a new skill.
The Victorian concept of female virtue helped women in custody cases, and in 1872 the North Carolina Supreme Court in the Mitchell case gave single women the right to retain their children without mandatory court-ordered apprenticeship so long as they demonstrated good character and did not become public charges.
More specifically, she remembers listening to the children tell her that university was more important than college or an apprenticeship program.
Associate editor, Take One Atanarjuat Spider Jesus de montreal The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz Dead Ringers Les Bons Debarras Leolo Les Triplettes de Belleville Post-Mortem Family Viewing
As an acknowledged leader in the field of apprenticeship training and continuing education programming, Dave Milazzo will have the opportunity to share his depth of experience and industry knowledge with the New Jersey Building and Construction Trades Council membership," said Richard Dressel, business manager for IBEW Local 164.
In general, an apprenticeship denotes the "end of the beginning.