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apprentice (one) to

To pair one with an expert in a particular field or trade so that one can learn about it. I have apprenticed my son to the local blacksmith.
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sorcerer's apprentice

Someone who is unable to contain or control a situation, event, or process that they instigated. A reference to a ballad written by Goethe in 1797 called "Der Zauberlehrling," about an apprentice magician who, through arrogance in his own abilities, brings a broom to life to do his chores for him, only to realize he has no way of controlling it. The banking authority, like a sorcerer's apprentice, created a system where greater bad debts were being inflated far beyond their market value, thus leading to a severe crash once the bubble inevitably burst.
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apprentice someone to someone

to assign someone to work at a certain trade and learn it from someone experienced. She apprenticed her son to a local diesel mechanic. I apprenticed myself to a printer and learned what it means to get really dirty.
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sorcerer's apprentice

a person who having instigated a process is unable to control it.
This is a translation of the French L'Apprenti sorcier, the title of an 1897 symphonic poem by Paul Dukas based on Der Zauberlehrling, a 1797 ballad by Goethe . In this ballad the apprentice's use of magic spells sets in motion a series of events which he cannot control.
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Cities including London, Liverpool and Manchester have introduced travel discounts for apprentices, but the TUC said there should be a national scheme.
He added: "We also provide our apprentices with the opportunity to forge a career within the business.
Organised by Skills Development Scotland, the awards are a celebration of the best apprentices and apprentice employers in the country.
Every year we see apprentices flying through their claims but when the get down to just 3lb there's not a lot between them and a fully fledged professional.
Craig Dawson, chairman of the TUC Young Workers' Forum, said: "PS3.50 per hour is a shockingly low wage, and the evidence shows that too many apprentices aren't paid even that.
The summary for age relaxation to the apprentices up to the age of 28 years has already been approved by the Chief Minister, Punjab, he said adding that it will help combating the menace of unemployment.
An apprentice doesn't have to be someone new - one of a firm's current staff could be an ideal candidate for an apprenticeship.
AN APPRENTICE from Warrington, working for nuclear group Sellafield, met Prime Minister David Cameron this week.
"In these difficult times it's important we continue to have apprentices if we are to grow the city's economy.
"Three of our apprentices are finishing their apprenticeships this year and we plan to take them on permanently.
The institution is calling for nominations for an award that recognises the achievements and contribution of engineering apprentices.
Apprentices from Coleg Llandrillo, along with their employers and representatives from local businesses, attended the Apprenticeship Awards Ceremony in the college's Orme View Restaurant.
The grant, which is designed to help businesses (with less than 1,000 employees) to recruit apprentices, has so far enabled over 30,000 young people to start an Apprenticeship.
THE best manufacturing apprentices in Wales have been honoured at an annual awards ceremony.