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Insofar as they appraise bands according to nonformalist criteria, these people are enemies of rock.
Find and critically appraise qualitative and quantitative research studies in seeking evidence to answer different kinds of EBP questions
The AWMSG will appraise new drugs that are not on Nice's timetable - for example it will consider the osteoporosis drug Preotact in June, and Sutent, for advanced kidney cancer, in August.
Most participants asked experts to appraise pieces that had been in their families for generations, were gifts from their parents or were just interesting finds.
If you plan to sell an item, use someone other than the potential buyer to appraise the item.
Portfolios may be the major approaches used to appraise learner progress (Ediger, 1998, 355-376).
If left unchecked, the taking has troubling ramifications: A CRDA victory could establish a precedent giving governments unlimited ability to appraise, condemn, and confiscate private property for the benefit of well-heeled private parties.
Mobile AAX is an extension of JMsolutions' AAX[TM] used inventory management system that provides automotive professionals the ability to intelligently appraise and manage their used-vehicle inventory based on the dealership's sales history and market trends.
Here, pupils individually or with a peer may appraise the quality of the oral report given.
A qualified appraiser is an individual who holds himself or herself out to the public as an appraiser or who regularly performs appraisals and is qualified to appraise property because of his or her qualifications.