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apportion out among

To distribute portions of something. We only have so much food to apportion out among the guests that are here today.
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apportion something out (among some people)

to divide something and distribute it among people. He apportioned the cake out among the guests. He apportioned out the applications among all those in the waiting room.
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0MB appropriates, Congress apportions, and the Agency allots funding.
Generally, the taxpayer allocates deductions to the relevant class of gross income and apportions (if necessary) such deductions within the class of gross income between gross income attributable to domestic production gross receipts (the statutory grouping) and other income (the residual grouping) under section 861.
That provision apportions interest using a formula that compares branch assets to worldwide assets.
In this case the only change is that the home state apportions income using a single relative sales factor; the other states still use the same three-factor, double-weighted sales formula.
Given its unlawful apportionment, the State Tax discriminates by definition: "A tax that unfairly apportions income from other States is a form of discrimination against interstate commerce.